Tony's Story


Starting as a perpetual prize winner in 1978, Tony got to live his dream of being an on-air personality on the station he grew up listening to. His rise up the ladder of success began as an overnight weekend disc jockey, then as a full time overnight jock, then mid-day personality.


He rose to afternoon drive talent to Music Director, Program Director and Operations Manager over the course of 29 years in the same building that, to this day, houses one of America’s longest running, Top 40 stations, 92 PRO-FM in Providence, Rhode Island.

Tony worked hard honing his on air craft and management skills to eventually program and consult radio stations across the country. Launching morning shows, hosting a national, new music show, designing niche formats and coaching air talent are some accomplishments he's really proud of. 


Given the current changes in how big broadcasting groups have redefined the radio business once again, one of the most important tasks of a Program Director is coaching air talent, something that sometimes falls off the priority list. 


Many Program Directors are responsible for more than one station these days and before you know it, there’s not enough hours in the day to manage their on-air talent.  As always, on-air personalities crave feedback about their air shifts, guidance and encouragement to get better, ways to grow their skills and eventually work in major markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, San Francisco, etc.  Bigger markets have bigger audiences resulting in bigger salaries for the most talented personalities.  Many "jocks" aspire to get to bigger markets while others are content with being a big fish in a small pond and loving every minute of it.


Programming and being air talent in smaller organizations leads to bigger opportunities that could lead to the major league level.  Most athletes will tell you it’s hard work, focus, dedication and passion combined with a group effort involving their support staff.

Essentially, the player can’t do it alone. All professional athletes have coaches that analyze their game, their swing, their defensive skills and overall approach to their game making sure their contribution is always toward the team goal.  Winning!


Consider this website platform a school for inspiration, a college of consistency, feedback and growth and one of the ways to improve the God-given skills you already have.


You know you’re good, but you want to be great!