Characters & Building Brands

We all have our own personal circle of friends that are very unique in their own way.  What makes them different

is their personality, sense of humor and what they’re known for to us. Next time you’re out with friends, try to define who’s who in your group. More often than not, there’s a joker, a genius and a defender.

The Joker: This is the person who makes everyone laugh with a one liner or a different spin on something.  They’re sarcastic, sometimes harsh but always funny. Their only intentions to make someone smile.  They certainly know where the line is and how to walk up to it without crossing over.

The Genius: This is the smarty pants of the group. The Mr/Mrs Know It All. When you need the facts, this is the person you turn to. If they don’t have it right away they can get it to you in a snap.

The Defender: This is the person that is always positive about everything and finds good in all people.  This person is charitable and compassionate and connects to the audience’s emotional side.  The cute puppy, the baby video and all the feel good stories that

define a certain part of the show.  This is the person the audience is in love with. The person that makes them feel accepted and loved and someone that inspires them to do good things.

Let's find your role on a morning show, improve your solo shift, build your audience and set a path to where you’ll be most happy.

Build Your Brand

What are you known for? How does the audience define you? What attracts the audience to your show? Why do they listen to you? How do you relate to them? More importantly, can they relate to you?

Build Your Audience

How do you get more people to first be aware of your show and become loyal fans that listen every day, even if it’s for a brief moment? They are the FOMO’s. The people with Fear Of Missing Out.

Build Your Career

Are you where you want to be in your career? What do you inspire to be? A big fish in a little pond or a big fish in a big pond.  Not everyone wants to work in New York.  Set a goal and a strategy to get there. Let’s do it together.

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