Now more than ever, listeners consider you and your station their companions. You're helping them get through boring days, locked up in their homes unable to venture out and return to life as they knew it before the pandemic. You're the escape they need in times like these. They certainly don't need another news report telling them how to wear a mask. They don't need to hear about the political mess that's all over the media no matter where they look.

What listeners need is their old companion, radio and it's personalities. Personalities they listen to every day. Personalities they consider their friends. Personalities who make them laugh and take their minds off the realities we're all faced with. Personalities who share day-to-day experiences they can relate to and, most of all, they want to hear their favorite songs that spark memories and put time stamps on their life's moments. Some radio stations are still able to give phone access to their audience while working remotely or provide a way to reach them on social media. When they do, be kind, be engaged with what they have to say. Be a friend. Don't rush them off the phone or ignore their posts. Be involved in their lives and they will alway make sure you and your station are part of theirs.

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