If you’re an on-air radio personality, you already have the props to entertain. As an entertainer, what is your appeal? Why are listeners attracted to you? What makes them consider you their friend and why do they need you in their lives?  Maybe you’re funny. Maybe you remind them of themselves or someone they know. Maybe you say what they’re thinking.  Whatever it is, once you find it, it will make you so much better at what you do. Realize that if you’re trying to be anything but yourself, you might never be any of the above to your listeners.

Listeners know and feel when you’re trying to be funny.  They know when you’re trying to be sincere.  They hear when you’re trying to be controversial. It’s all about reading people’s personalities and figuring out which ones are authentic.  Remember the kid in school who always tried to be funny?  He/she wasn’t funny at all.  Remember the person who tried to show you how much they cared only to make you realize they didn’t care at all.  It’s our ability to know who the phonies are and you certainly don’t want to be known as a phony. 

Don’t try. Don’t try to be anything but yourself.  If you’re likable, listeners will tell you exactly what they like or don’t like about you.  Once they meet you, or talk to you in any circumstance, they'll jump right into telling you what your appeal is or isn't.  “You’re so funny” “I love when you pick on so and so” “I’m amazed at how much you know about such and such” or even “I disagree with what you think about….” “I used to listen to you until you started….”

You’ve been put in a position on a morning show or on your own show for a reason.  Ask the person who hired you why they hired you and exactly what your appeal is.  It may be a strange question to ask your boss but it will help you find some clarity on this subject. If the person who hired you did it because you’re funny, don’t try to be funny. You’re funny. If you have great interaction with your audience, then so be it.  

Stop trying to be something that is not part of your natural ability.  Don’t Try. Do you.      

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