Pandemic Overkill

A lot of radio markets are seeing a decline in listening and attribute it to the pandemic keeping people out of the workplace.  AC’s are said to take the biggest hit.  Granted there are less commuters but is their commute time spent listening enough to drive ratings down?  If your station has fans, they will find your station from home just like they do when they were physically in the workplace.  

What’s the problem?  More listening choices? More podcast listening?  Those are your P2’s & P3’s.  Ratings on a healthy AC station are driven by 75-80% of your biggest “fans,” your P1’s.  Where did they go?

Consider these factors.

* We know your listeners need important pandemic information locally but your station may have gotten too repetitive with every creative element of your station that attracts listeners.

* Pandemic information on the morning show.

* Pandemic mentions on every other daypart.

* Pandemic mentions in your imaging.

* Pandemic information on your website.

* Pandemic mentions on your commercials

It might be pandemic overkill that’s driving listeners away from your station.  Pandemic information is everywhere they turn.  Listeners need some relief.  They need an escape.  Your station was always their escape from reality.  It’s always provided them a safe space to leave the seriousness of the world behind and just enjoy the music, your personalities, your contests and your overall presentation they grew loyal to.

Time to check your pandemic meter.  

How much of your station is still focused on the pandemic?  Yes, it should still have a presence on your station but is it overwhelming what your station really is known for?

Yes, some states have gone the wrong way with Covid-19 cases and losses of life but many are on the rebound.  Your listeners want to hear some sense of normalcy.  They want their station back.  It’s time to give them what they want more than what they need.

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